Nutrition and Wellness

Course Information

  • Units

    • Orientation and Lab Safety
    • Meal Planning and Preparation
    • Science of Food
    • Exercise and Diet
    • Careers in Nutrition and Wellness

    Class Details:

    • Semester Course: .5 Carnegie unit
    • Canvas: Contains syllabus, daily agenda, files, and assignments
    • Students are to always check Canvas when absent for class details
    • Announcements will be posted in Canvas 
    • Stay organized, be an active participant, turn in assignments, and follow all procedures/expectations outlined in syllabus


    • $20 Lab Fee payable through My School Bucks
    • Always have a charged MacBook each day, pencils and a binder with notebook paper
    • Students must have a completed allergy form on file to participation in all labs, see Introduction Module in Canvas for document


    • Major Grades: 66% (tests, labs, projects)
    • Minor Grades: 34% (daily assignments x1 and quick checks x2)
    • Check Active Student/Active Parent for current course average
    • Past due assignments will be penalized based upon the number of days late, details can be found on syllabus
    • Any assignment that is past due will be marked in Canvas with an orange circle