• MCS Literacy Benchmarks

    MCS Dyslexia Screening Process:

    MCS will screen all students for dyslexia during the spring semester of Kindergarten and the fall semester of First grade in accordance with MS Code 37-173-15.

    The screener will address the following components of reading:

    • Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness
    • Sound/Symbol recognition
    • Alphabet Knowledge
    • Decoding (Reading) and Encoding (Spelling) Skills
    • Rapid Naming

    Parents will be notified if a student fails the dyslexia screener. Students will be monitored to ensure continued success.

    Is the school responsible for evaluating for dyslexia?

    No, however, MCS has adopted a policy to ensure that students will be screened by a screener approved by the State Board of Education in Kindergarten and First Grade.