• What is Dyslexia Chart

    Characteristics of Dyslexia:

    Difficulty with Oral Language:

    • Late learning to talk
    • Difficulty pronouncing words
    • Trouble acquiring vocabulary and grammar
    • Trouble following directions
    • Confusion with concepts
    • Difficulty learning the alphabet and rhyming
    • Reading Challenges:
    • Trouble learning letters and sounds – poor phonological awareness
    • Trouble with reversals and order of letters
    • Omits or misreads little words
    • Trouble decoding longer words
    • Difficulty with oral or silent reading
    • Slow reading rate

    Difficulty with Written Language:

    • Trouble putting ideas on paper
    • Uncertainty with concepts of right or left
    • Handwriting struggles
    • Difficulty with organizing written language
    • Trouble copying
    • Spelling errors
    • Trouble applying rules in daily work
    • Poor proofreading ability

    Other Characteristics of Dyslexia:

    • Poor sense of time
    • Downward trend in test scores
    • Inconsistent schoolwork
    • “Lazy” syndrome
    • Appears inattentive only during academic tasks
    • Difficulty putting thoughts into words or finding the right word
    • Difficulty with foreign language

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