• 6th Grade Science - Mrs. Walker, Room 608

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    I'm excited about this school year! I love 6th Grade!! 

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    6th Grade Science Topics   

    1st 9 Weeks

    Characteristics of Living Things



    2nd 9 Weeks




    3rd 9 Weeks



    Motion and Energy

    4th 9 Weeks

    Newton's Laws




    Grade Breakdown:

    Minor Grades:  Also known as, Daily Grades count 35% of the total grade 

    • Jag Marks (Bell Ringers)- The students answer 2 questions each day as a review of what we have been discussing.  After 5 days, they turn this in for a daily grade.  
    • Vocabulary Quizzes - The students will have a vocabulary quiz on the words.  I encourage them to do flash card for extra points on the vocabulary quizzes.   
    • Quick Check – These are quizzes on the material we cover in class.  They may use their notes for this.   

    Major Grades:  Test grades count 65% of the total grade 

    • Chapter Test - We cover 3 chapters each 9 weeks so that means we will have 3 test per 9 weeks. The students will receive a study guide to use to study for their chapter test.  
    •  Extra credit project – Each 9 weeks, we offer a project that is related to something that we’ve covered during the 9 weeks.  It is an optional project.       

    Where to find out about Science Assignments

    1. Assignments are written on the board.  
    2. Remind – This code is on the top of this note.      

    Materials Needed:

    * a binder (The student may put Science with another subject; however, he or she needs to keep it separated with a divider) 

    * pencils (pencil sharpener/optional) 

    *pens (black and/or blue)

    * 1 -2 dividers are the only necessary items your child will need for science.  

    * colored pencils, crayons, and/or markers 


    Teacher Wish-list:

    Band-aids, Kleenex, Clorox Wipes, paper towels, and candy for treats. 


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be King
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Prepared


    1.  First offense- Warning

    2.  Second Offense- Parent Notice 1 and/or e-mail

    3.  Third Offense - Parent Notice 2 and phone call

    4.  Fourth Offense - Report to Office

    5.  Severe disturbance- Any act such as fighting, defiance, or profanity will result in immediate referral to the principal's office for possible expulsion.  


    Positive phone calls/emails home, candy, 

    I'm looking forward to an awesome year!!