• Q&A This page is used to answer your questions about how to access things on Canvas, do things on the computer, find information, etc! Throughout the year as questions are asked that others may need the answer to, I will update this page. You can find a link to this page on my Canvas by clicking the pink Q&A button.



    Q: What is our class FlipGrid Join Code?

    A: meyers5351

    A: Your username is your first and last name lowercase squished together (Example: meganmeyers)


    Q: My Flipgrid isn't letting me upload a video. It is saying it doesn't have access to my microphone or camera. What do I do?

    A: Go to www.flipgrid.com. Put in our Class Code: meyers5351. It should work now.


    Q: How can I split my screen so I can see two things at once (for example, Teams and Canvas if I'm a virtual learner).

    A: Click here to see directions on how to do this!


    Q: What is the link to Clever so that I can log in to various sites used by my teacher?

    A: www.clever.com/in/mcs 


    Q:  How do I find things on Mrs. Meyers's Canvas?

    A:  Watch this video for directions about to find things on Mrs. Meyers's Canvas.


    Q: How can I contact Mrs. Meyers?

    A: Click here to access Mrs. Meyers's contact information.


    Q: How can I take a screenshot of the whole screen or part of my screen on a Chromebook?

    A: https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/14/21065295/chromebook-screenshots-how-to-take-keyboard-keys 


    Q: What are some keyboard shortcuts I can use on my Chromebook to make my life easier?


    Chromebook Tips & Tricks