Great Frigatebird : Galapagos Islands by Ken Hackman

Zoology I Unit 1: The Principals of Zoology


    Unit 1: The Principles of Zoology

    This unit is a basic review unit of material one should have learned in previous grades. However, as this course utilizes a college text, the terminology is kicked up a notch or two! Students will have to work hard and study to prepare for the test, which I consider my easiest test of the year. However, many students feel it is the most difficult test I give. My belief is that they think so because they don't really know how high the expectations are for students in this class. 

    I believe high expectations create higher development and learning. We will work hard to ensure that all students learn and are challenged! Attached below, you will find the PowerPoint notes for this first unit. Please know that students are still expected to take notes in class, as much is garnered from listening that is NOT found in my PowerPoints. 

    Unit 1 PowerPoint  Please note that I reiterate the fact that much is garnered from listening in class that is NOT found in my PowerPoints. It is vital that one takes proper notes! Additionally, much research has been done which supports the fact that writing notes gives much greater learning potential than simply listening, typing the notes on a laptop, or even recording information.