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    Posted by Hillery Price on 8/18/2021

    As a Quaver student, you have access to a virtual "currency" called QuaverNotes. You can use QuaverNotes to purchase virtual goods for your avatar (clothes, instruments, etc.). Once you have them, they do not expire!


    While there is not a way to "earn" QuaverNotes on the student site, Quaver offers a monthly code for 100 QuaverNotes which I will provide to you! Make sure you check here often to see the current codes and grab your QNotes!


    The current codes (as of August 18, 2021) are:

    • BackToSchool21
    • Summer100!
    • Summer100
    • Summer300
    • Summer500


    To add a QuaverNotes code:

    • Go to QuaverMusic.com
    • Click ENTER A CODE on the Student Dashboard.
    • Enter the code and click OK.
    • Boom-Chicka-Boom! You now have QuaverNotes.

    To view your QuaverNotes balance:

    You will see your QuaverNotes balance when you attempt to buy an item.

    • Click on your avatar on Quaver Street.
    • Click on an item you’d like to purchase.
    • You will now see your QuaverNotes balance and be given the option to purchase the item .
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