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    *Please remember that ELA meets EVERYDAY.  Your child needs to bring the following supplies to school EVERYDAY for ELA:
    • 3 ring binder- ONLY ONE BINDER since ELA meets everyday. DO NOT have an A day ELA binder and a B Day ELA binder
    • pencil pouch for personal supplies-pencils, handheld pencil sharpener, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, scissors, highlighters, etc....

    * Mrs. Umphlett's Zero block is 7:30-8:15 every Wednesday.  This is a time when your child can come to my room for extra help or to finish work for ELA.







































































































































































    November 2-6

    November 2- Monday- A Day

    Mav Mark-Saddle Broc Riding
    Complete Narrative Writing (if needed)
    Author’s Purpose Focus-PIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDDXl9Ktszc
    Pre-Read /Writing Prompt for Casey at the Bat (Casey at the Bat Skills Pages) Read independently Casey At the Bat with notes and annotations
    Begin “After the 1st reading, I understand.......”(Casey at the Bat Skills Pages)

    November 3- Tuesday- B Day

    Mav Mark-The Berlin Wall
    Author’s Purpose Focus-PIE
    Continue reading, annotating and working on Casey at the Bat- “After I read, I understand...” What is Narrative Poetry?
    Listening to Casey At the Bat
    Begin “After the 1st listening, I understand..”(Casey at the Bat Skills Pages)
    Complete a Plot Diagram with Casey at the Bat(Casey at the Bat Skills Pages)
    Focus on events in the plot and THEME (Casey at the Bat Skills Pages)

    November 4- Wednesday- A Day

    Mav Mark-Read and Annotate Ice Cream for Breakfast Author’s Purpose- PIE
    Cold Read- Ice Cream for Breakfast
    Review answers and standards

    Listen/Watch “Casey at the Bat” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erfSed2MUsA
    -Stanzas, Lines, Rhyme Scheme, and Repetition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSzT5FCzdIc
    Examples from Casey at the Bat (Casey at the Bat Skills Pages)

    November 5- Thursday- B Day

    Mav Mark- Onomatopoeia
    Figurative Language Rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K9pd6h9JT0
    Figurative Language in Casey at Bat (Casey at the Bat Skills Pages) (Alliteration, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Simile) Mood in Literature/video from scholastic/hand out
    Narrative Poem- The Tell Tale Heart-Listen and Follow along https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9a0K36_qKU

    November 6- Friday

    Mav Mark-Will and the Baseball Game
    Context clues- Casey at the Bat Vocabulary(Casey at the Bat Skills Pages)
    -Watch the Tell Tale Heart
    -Digital Escape Room, The Tell-tale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe Escape By The Morning









































































    October 26-30


    October 26-Monday- B Day

    Mav Mark -Read Why are your clothes so cheap?/Complete Skills Pages

    Review Hannah’s stress fracture 

    (Check Scholastic pages)

    Scholastic Video- explore the human cost of our cheap clothes.

    Mark the Text

    Listening to Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap with annotations

    Narrative Writing video


    Narrative Writing Sample- Red Head Riot 


    Review anchor charts

    Begin Typing  Narrative Writing in Canvas using Writing Rubric


    October 27-Tuesday-A Day 

    Mav Mark-Similes and Metaphors

    Review and Discuss Skills Pages/ Why are your Clothes so cheap?

    Review Narrative Writing


    Continue Halloween Narrative Writing using Writing Rubric


    October 28- Wednesday- B Day

    Mav Mark-Idioms/Hyperbole

    -Review Football Star cold read standards

    -A Slimy Situation Cold Read/Review Answers and standards

    Figurative Language in Songs/ video/skills sheet


    October 29- Thursday- A Day

    Mav Mark-Personification 

    Figurative Language “Quizzizz”

    Author’s Purpose- PIE


    Review Skills for Why Are your clothes so cheap/figurative language test


    October 30-Friday- B Day

    Mav Mark-Alliteration/Onomatopoeia

    Why Are your clothes so cheap/figurative language test






































































    October 19-23

    Monday- A Day

    Mav Mark- Theme-Field Day

    Review Aaron’s Gift Test

    Begin Figurative Language Activity/Interactive Notebook with videos


    Tuesday- B Day

    Mav Mark- A Trip to Yosemite

    Figurative Language Review - “Quizzizz”


    Introduce Writing Rubic

    Narrative Writing/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eByzm-hEByM

    Halloween Mentor Text- The Bones of Fred Mcfee

    Brainstorming- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJULQ0xBHFs

    Halloween Story Narrative Brainstorming using Plot Diagram 


    Wednesday- A Day

    Mav Mark- A Trip on Tandem Bike 

    Cold read quiz- A Slimy Situation 

    Continue Halloween Narrative Writing 


    Thursday- B Day

    Mav Mark- Smart Packing Tips

    Video-explore the human cost of our cheap clothes

    Close Read/ 1st read- Why are Your Clothes So Cheap?

    Continue Halloween Narrative Writing


    Friday- A Day

    Mav Mark- Hannah’s Stress Fracture

    Close Read/ 2nd Read-Why are your Clothes so cheap?

    Summarizing Activity

    Exploring Text Features

    Continue Halloween Narrative Writing























































































    Monday-October 5th- B Day

    -(Complete President Cleveland test)

    -Mav Mark- Chicago Inferno

    -Review indirect and direct Characterization 


    -Complete Character Activity Map- Jerry

    -What is conflict in a story?


    Begin Conflict Activity-chart/interactive notebook



    Tuesday- October 6th- A DAY

    Mav Mark- Deadly Ocean Motion 

    Complete Conflict Activity 


    Discuss Close Reading/chart and video


    Begin reading and annotating Aaron’s Gift
    (from computer, looking up unknown words)


    Wednesday- October 7th- B DAY

    *Valley Forge due!!!*

    Library Visit

    5th block 9:00

    6th- after announcements

    7th- after  lunch

    Mav Mark-Harbor Havoc

    Review Close Reading chart 

    Continue to Read and Annotate Aaron’s Gift (computer)

    -Critical Thinking Questions




    Thursday- October 8th- A DAY

    Mav Mark- Shake and Break

    Continue Close Reading of Aaron’s Gift (use hard copy)

    -Continue critical thinking questions 

    Begin Figurative Language mini lesson

    Figurative vs Literal Language


    Begin Figurative Language Notebook Activity 


    (Scholastic Scope)




    Friday- October 9th- B DAY

    Mav Mark- Becoming a Vegetarian 

    Cold Read Quick Check- Football Star

    ( If Distance Learning, Email me for Mastery Connect Code)

    -Review cold read questions

    -Continue Figurative Language Notebook Activity 

    Audio annotations- Aaron’s Gift