• What is Cyber Foundations?

    What is Cyber Foundations?

    Welcome to Cyber Foundations! This is a new kind of computer class that will help prepare students for the real world. The expectations are high for this group of technologically savvy students!

    Cyber Foundation 1 is a rigorous academic course that will teach the student how to do many things that they will do in their everyday lives. We have graded assignments almost daily and the students will be tested every few weeks on the material covered. This class is much more than the computer class that students have attended once or twice a week as an elementary student.

    Technology never ceases to amaze me! I know life can be a bit hectic when kids start school and deadlines can become overwhelming when students have so many classes. I encourage both parents and students to sign up for my remind account to get classroom reminders, study help, and school information. Click on the Remind section of my webpage.

    It is my hope that this will help strengthen the home-school connection. Please make sure to check out the updated pages for information on any work. Check Canvas for each day’s activities.

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