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    Email from Mr. Fennell - August 5, 2020

    The complete and detailed Re-Entry Plan is available for review on the RHS Web-site  . 

    School will begin Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 with on campus, face to face instruction and Virtual Learning for all RHS students. In efforts to transition back into the school routine and to preview the current safe return plans, we will begin face to face instruction this year with a “soft start”. During the first six school days, only half of the students will be expected to report to campus for classes.  Our Titan Zone students have been divided into two groups.  Students with last name beginning with the letters A through L will physically come to school on the BLUE DAY, and students with last names beginning with the letters M through Z will be the GRAY DAY.  These two groups will alternate school days from the traditional in-class routine one day to distance learning activities at home on the alternating school day. 




    Face Coverings will be required for all students, faculty and staff while on campus throughout the school day. Students are responsible to secure a face covering for their own personal use.  However, to support this expectation, a reusable and washable face covering will be provided to all RHS students and RHS staff member free of charge. Students are welcome to wear their own face covering if they prefer as long as it does not infringe on the expected dress code expectations as identified in the MCS Student Handbook. During lunch social distancing seating will be identified, and students will be allowed to remove their face coverings. Students will be required to wear face coverings indoors and outdoors but not during exercise or performance activities.

    Daily self-assessments, including temperature checks, are expected to be performed by parents on each student each day prior to departing for school.  Any student, faculty or staff with signs or symptoms are expected to stay home. 

    This is a critical step in ensuring the safety of all RHS students, faculty and staff.  

    Student Class Schedules will be provided through Active Student this year.  All students will need to access their Active Student accounts to receive their class schedules.  We will NOT provide hard copies to students.  You MUST come to school with a copy or picture of your schedule to follow on day one.  There will be more direction coming soon on how to access you Active Student account when schedules are complete and ready for release. 

    Breakfast and vending machines will not be available as we begin this school year.  These are two areas that can be postponed to minimize group gatherings and further reduce the potential spread of the virus.  Students, please make and take the time to ensure that you have had an adequate breakfast to prepare yourself for a successful school day.

    During class change students will be expected to follow a prescribed and identified directional flow to reduce the occurrences of cross directional traffic and potential face to face encounters. To help protect all Titans, your cooperation will be expected! 

    Lunch will be organized during your 3rd or 7th block class as usual. However, we will allow for more space and will have designated areas where students will be required to sit to meet social distancing expectations.  Students buying a school lunch or other cafeteria items will be allowed in the cafeteria and will be expected to remain in the cafeteria.  Seating will be extended into the commons areas during lunch periods for those students who bring their own lunch from home or who chose not to eat.  However, all students are encouraged to eat a good lunch too.

    Carpool and student drivers should not arrive on campus prior to 7:45am.  To avoid large group gatherings, all students will be reporting to their 1st or 5th block class to provide smaller group environments.  First bell will ring at 8:20am with class beginning at 8:27am. Your arrival to campus closer to the start of class (8:00-8:15) would help to reduce the risk of the spread and or potential exposure.  Student parking decals are still required for all vehicles on campus and available for sale now in the RHS front office between the hours of 8:00am to 3:00pm. At your convenience, bring your $30.00, your driver’s license and your face coverings to select your spot and purchase your parking decal.

    Time to warm-up with the ACT Academy link provided below.  Just click the graphic. This is a great resource for ALL students to use to get you ready to begin.  Students are reminded to complete all required summer reading for upcoming classes.  Those assignments can be located on our web site “Summer Reading Project 2020”. Additionally, there is a “Summer Math Extra Credit“ link on the RHS website offering extra credit to all students.  So, getcha game face on and warm up for a successful school year.