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    Quality and Quantity of Words Matter

    Research indicates when children learn a variety of words to describe their emotions, they are better able to identify what they feel and express it in more appropriate ways. #identifyingemotions #emotionalintelligence


     Quantity and Quality


    RULER Skills Solve Problems  

    Resolving conflict more peacefully requires empathy, problem-solving skills, understanding other points of view, and coming up with ways to make things right in a fair way.  This acronym can serve as a guide to help your child remember these important points.  #identiifyingemotions #communication


    Source: YALE Center for Emotional Intelligence

    Name it to Tame It

    Simply labeling a difficult emotional experience allows you to momentarily regain composure. #impulsecontrol


    Name it to Tame It

    Source: Second Step Curriculum  

    Learn to Listen

    Validating your child’s feelings is a powerful way to help them calm down.  When our children are upset, it is helpful to respond rather than react.  #communication #identifyingemotions


     calm chaos