Relationship Skills

     The ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups. The ability to communicate clearly, listen well, cooperate with others, resist inappropriate social pressure, negotiate conflict constructively, and seek and offer help when needed. 


  • Elementary:

    Friendship Traits: Making and Keeping Friends K-5 (Centervention)

    All About Me K-2  (Source: 2012-2017 Elementary School Counseling.org)

    I Know How to..K-2 (Source: 2012-2017 Elementary School Counseling.org)

    Making and Keeping Friends (Source: 2012-2017 Elementary School Counseling.org)

    Find Someone Who K-5 (Centervention)

    *Have your child think of friends they already know and can write into each category.  See how many categories they can fill in.  For any left blank, challenge them to find a new clasmate who may fit that category. 

    Friendships Ingredients 3-5 (Positive Psychology)



    Teach children how to act when they are meeting new people. Practice shaking hands and manners that go with introductions.