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    Recognizing our strengths helps us to understand ourselves better; it also determines how others see and develop trust in us.  As a result, we are equipped to make better choices in life and be more efficient in our day-to-day interactions. 

  • Elementary:

    Identifying Your Child's Strengths (K-2) Make a "strengths chain" with your child (2014–2020, Understand for All, Inc

    Make an Accomplishments Box/Jar.   (K-5) Have your child decorate a box or jar as they wish. Place in a prominent place.  Each time your child achieves something, write it on a scrap of paper or notecard.  Date the event and place into the jar.  Encourage your child not to open the jar until the end of year.  Depending on the age of your child, you can write them yourself, or have your child illustrate.