•  Impulse Control

  • Elementary:

    Learn About Self-Control Grades: K-2 Pete the Cat teaches about staying calm with a catchy song.

    Ian McKellen Teaches Cookie Monster About Resisting Grades K-2 Sesame Street video

    Self-Control Character Education Song Grades 3-5 Catchy lyrics and beat will make it easy to sing along

    Other: (Grades K-5)

    Games Provide an Excellent Opportunity: (Choosing Your Freebies)

    Red Light, Green Light. The kid has to listen, has to choose to follow the rules, must have control of their body, and has to temporarily do something they don’t want to (i.e.: stop at the “red light”).

    Simon Says. Focuses on listening, body control, and the ability to physically restrain yourself. 

    Balloon Toss. This one takes 15 seconds of prep-work. Give your kid an inflated balloon, and ask them not to throw it up in the air for 30 sec. (or less depending on your kid- this isn’t a punishment.) You want them to have that feeling of “but I waaaaant to” before you let them toss it a few times. Then talk about that feeling, and how they were able to overcome it. Just for a few sentences; this shouldn’t be a lecture! They just exemplified impulse control!!

    Board Games: Turn taking is an excellent way to practice restraining impulsive behavior! Games like Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Trouble, or Monopoly, where there are negatives like being sent back to the start (or jail!!), provide a second-layer of ‘fun discomfort’ to challenge your kid! Try these less common board games for impulse control for a great twist on game night