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    Setting and tracking goals helps your child learn important life skills such as planning, organization, and time management. Students who are able to set and achieve goals are better communicators, more self-aware and have more confidence.

  • Middle/High:

    Teen Guide to a Vision Board A vision board is a fun and creative way to keep your goals, inspiration, and positive feelings at the forefront of your mind. (2020 Teen Smart Goals)

  • Additional Resources:

    Positive Thinking for Teens (Newport Academy)

    Key Topics:

    • Theory of Positive Emotions
    • Gratititude and Mental Health
    • Teen Positivity and Finding Our Strenghts
    • Find Your Character Strenghts - (free survey)
    • 5 R's of Positive Thinking for Teens


    Teen SMART Goals Learn more about SMART goals and benefits to your teen. (2020 Teen SMART Goals) 

    Teen SMART Goal App Free app to help your teen organize and keep track of goals. 

    Make a Change in Your Life (available in Spanish; read-aloud) Includes online tool to help your teen make a personal plan for improvement.  TeenHealth.