Degrees and Certifications:

Dragonfly instructions for athletes at Old Town

1. Go to

2. If you have an account already please go to step 21

3. Click on Login/Sign Up

4. Click on Sign Up for Free

5. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email or Cell #, and a password

6. Check I’m not a Robot

7. Submit

8. A popup asks if you entered your name, click on it’s me

9. A verification code will be sent to the email address or cell # you entered.

10. Enter the code in the Temporary Verification ID box and click on submit

11. Scroll down through the Terms of Use and click on accept

12. Click on To get Started. Get hooked up to a school.

13. Choose Parent

14. Click on Next

15. Enter your school Code (56Y95A) for Ridgeland High School and Click on Go

a. If your Child attends Olde Towne Middle School use school code (URT7JV)

16. Click on Join a School

17. Click on Add a Child

18. Enter the First Name and Last Name of your child and click on Next

19. Enter the school Code again

20. Select your child’s sport and click on next

21. Choose Submit paperwork

22. Click on Needs Update in the box showing the school name where the Contact Info is located

23. When adding relatives limit to 3 relatives including parent/guardian

24. Enter N/A if there is no cell phone or email for the relative

25. Complete Insurance, General Info, Heart Health, Bone & Joint, and Medical Questions.

26. When Finished Click on Done

27. If you need to go back to complete the Medical Info, click on Needs Update in your child’s medical info box.

28. Click on get Started

29. You must complete the following forms: Electronic Signature Agreement, Consent to Disclosure and Use of Personal Health Information, Participation and Treatment Consent, MHSAA Student Participation Clearance Form, MHSAA Concussion Information Form, Athletic Health History, Physicals need to be uploaded or if on file it will be uploaded by the school.

30. When you select the form choose Fill out Electronically, Verify all information for accuracy and enter any needed information. Submit. Be sure to date documents when requested in t