I want you for APUSH

2020 Summer Assignment for Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH)

  • APUSH Students:  You will read Chapters 1 & 2 in the online American Pageant textbook and complete the assignments that go with these chapters. A link to the textbook is provided for you below.


    Due Dates:  Assignments for these chapters will be on Canvas.  I will email students when the assignments have been loaded, which I have done.  [If you were signed up to take APUSH in May, then you should have received an invite to join my Canvas.  If you have not received this invite or signed up for APUSH during the summer, you need to email me directly so I can send you a Canvas invite.] The Chapter 2 Guide will be due on the first day of school, which is Thursday, August 6. 

    Please read the directions below for each Chapter.  

    Chapter 1: Read Chapter 1 in American Pageant and watch/listen to the lectures provided for you on Canvas. There will also be several assignments for you to complete on Canvas for this chapter.  This will be done over the summer.  We will not spend much time reviewing this information. Chapter 1 is the foundation for the summer assignment.  I expect you to read all of it, and complete the Canvas assignments.  Your summer assginments will count as your first grades of the year.  Fill free to take your own notes on the chapter as you will be assessed on it in class and tests.  I am providing a supplemental audio/video lecture on Chapter 1 in Canvas, but this will serve as an addition to Chapter 1 and not a replacement for it.  I will notify you when you may access Canvas, which I have already done. If you have signed up for APUSH since May then you will need to email me so I can send you a Canvas invite as you are not on my original list of students. 

    Chapter 2: Read Chapter 2 in American Pageant and complete the study guide that goes with it. Due:  The first day of school. 

     Here is the study guide for Chapter 2 to print out:

    Ch. 2 Guide


    Please email Ms. Barger with any questions you may have.  ebarger@madison-schools.com