• Chromebook Pickup Q&A

    1. Who must be present to receive a Chromebook?
      The student with a legal guardian or other adult listed in SAM.

    2. What do I need to bring to receive the device?
      Government issued ID of the legal guardian or other adult listed in SAM.

    3. Are there any checkout fees?
      For these devices, no checkout fee is required. 

    4. What happens if I break the device?
      You can come to your zone’s high school Monday and Thursday from 10:00 – 12:00 starting the week of March 30 for assistance with broken devices.
    5. Are there any other fees?
      When it is time to return the device at the end of the school closure, you must return the device and full power cord.  You will be charged $25 if the power cord is not returned and $225 if the device is not returned.

    6. What if I didn’t pre-register?
      There is still time! Please preregister by Sunday night at midnight. By pre-registering, you will speed up your pick-up process. Those who do not preregister will be required to fill out paperwork on-site at pickup in order to receive a device.