Craftsmanship in Grading
  • Grading in Art:

    If a student is absent or checks out and has not completed his/her assignment, by the handbook, it is their responsibility to complete their work. They can come in for Zero Block at 7:30 on Monday and Friday. Depending on the assignment, they may also take it home to complete. If the project has been graded before they complete their assignment you may see an "NG" for their grade or possibly a 50. Once they have completed their assignment, I will regrade it and update the gradebook. 

    "NG" = No Grade 

    • Project/Assignment is Incomplete - Once it's completed I'll grade it and then enter it in the grade book
    • "NG's" will average in a zero until the project has been completed and graded


    "NM" = No Mark 

    • Doesn't effect the average - It's like it doesn't exist
    • Used for not completing extra credit projects


    Artwork is graded on following directions, effort, neatness, and *craftsmanship.


    • Drawing Lightly
    • Coloring/Painting Neatly
      • NO scribbling
    • Cutting on the Lines
    • Gluing neatly without dried glue showing behind the glued item(s)