Final exams will be given December 17th - December 20th, 2019. We have listed the Exam Schedule below to help you organize your studying.  All students are encouraged and advised to attend all review blocks for which they have an exam. However, if you wish to check out during exam week, you must fill out and sign the EXAM WEEK CHECK OUT FORM (available by clicking HERE or by picking it up in front office) and return it to the front office. This must be turned in to the front office by:

    Monday, December 16th, 2019 at or before 12:30 pm. 

    If this form is not returned by this date and time, you will remain in class and will have to be checked out in the office by a parent/guardian.  No parent notes will be accepted after Monday, December 16th. No phone calls, emails or faxes will be accepted.  Students will only be allowed to check out at the end of a block- see times below. Students will be required to sign out before leaving campus.


      If you miss a review in which you aren’t exempt, it will be counted as an absence. (This absence can affect exemption at the end of the year)

      Once a student checks out, he/she must leave within 10 minutes after check out. If the student is still on campus after 10 minutes, he/she will be returned to class.

      Once a student leaves, he/she will not  be allowed to check back in later the same day.

      If checking in late, please bring a parent note to excuse your tardy.

    • No faxes or phone calls will be accepted.

    Exam Schedule

       Exam Schedule