• How to Access CHARMS and Update Personal Information:

    1. Go the CHARMS website at www.charmsoffice.com 

    2. Click “Enter” (top left of home screen) 

    3. Click “Parents/Students/Members” 

    4. Enter “GermantownBands” into the school code section
    5. Enter your child’s student ID (with no zeros in front) into the “Student Area Password”
    6. Click “Update Info” 

    7. The first page will be your child’s information. Please fill out this section fully.

    8. Click “Add New Adult” add parent or guardian information. Especially email.

    How to pay band fees using Charms Office:

    1. Go to www.charmsoffice.com and create an account (see instructions in handbook)
    2. Click “Finances”
    3. Click “AffiniPay” under Paid By section
    4. Click “Pay Fixed Payments”
    5. Fill out credit or debit card info and click “Start Payment”
    6. If you encounter problems, contact me at jpeacock@madison-schools.com
    7. Tutorial Video

    Please contact your child’s band director if you have difficulties completing the personal information update:

    Jim Peacock – jpeacock@madison-schools.com - (601)859-0376