• Grading Policy

    Classwork is graded for accuracy and is weighted as a daily grade.

    Students complete these in class and are allowed to ask me for assistance if they are not sure how to complete the work.

    Homework is graded for completion.  It is weighted as 0.25 of a daily grade.

    Homework will be on the Big Ideas website and will be required to complete after each full block.  It is required to turn in the scratch work sheet for part of the grade. 

    Other work/posters/projects are normally graded as a daily grade unless told otherwise.

    Some lessons have built in posters/projects that students will complete in class and receive a grade based on accuracy. 

    We will also have exit tickets that will be given at the end of each lesson (full block) and one combined grade will be given for each chapter.

    Quizzes are weighted as 2 daily grades.  (This does not make quizzes a major grade.)

    Quizzes will be taken on Mastery Connect in the classroom and are a double daily grade.  All students are required to take quizzes.  I do not give retakes of quizzes. 

    Tests are major grades.

    Tests will be taken on Mastery Connect in the classroom and it is the only type of Major Grade given.

    Late Work

    Late work (classwork/homework) will be accepted for partial credit and has to be turned in before the chapter test.  An "NG" will be posted and counted as a zero.  

    It will be changed when/if you submit the work within the time frame.


    Grade Weight on Gradebook

    MAJOR GRADES:  66% (Chapter tests)

    MINOR GRADES:  34% (Classwork, homework, other daily grades)

    Explanation of how grades are calculated in Active Parent/Student:  All daily grades are averaged as one grade.  All major grades are averaged as one grade.

    The system then takes the scores and the major grade is counted twice and the minor grade is counted once and then averaged as the class score.


    "NM" in the gradebook is a place marker waiting on a grade and does not affect grade.

    "X" means a student is not being held responsible for the assignment and also does not affect grade.