• Parents, you can enroll as an observer in your student's Canvas account so you will be able to see assignments and homework information too!  Just follow these instructions:  (If you did this last year, you shouldn't need to do it again)

    1. First, you will have to get your student to login to their Canvas account (using their regular username and password) so that you can create a Pairing Code. The pairing code will allow you to link to your student's account as an observer. 


    1. Once your student has logged into their Canvas account, complete the following steps to generate your Pairing Code. (see illustration below):
    • On left side of the page, click on "Account", and then click on "Settings"



    • In "Settings", click on "Pair with Observer" (this will be on the right side of the page). This will generate your Student Pair Code.




    • Copy down the Pair Code, and then click "OK" (Your student can now logout of their Canvas account).


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    1. Once you have written down your Pair Code, go to www.mcjags.com and click on the Canvas link.


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    1. This will take you to the Canvas Login page.In the upper right corner, click on where it says, "Parent of a Canvas User - Click Here for an Account".



    1. Fill out the Parent Information, Enter the "Pairing Code" that you wrote down, click on "Start Participating" and follow the instructions from there.