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    Art I

    Art Procedures

    1. Put book bags neatly under your table.
    2. Sharpen pencil and be seated before tardy bell rings.
    3. Silently work on your Mav Marks.
    4. Silently listen to lectures & directions for projects before correctly completing your assignment.
    5. Clean up your table and floor; put materials back in the correct place; and put your artwork in the portfolio shelf, class drawer, or drying rack.
    6. Quietly wait to be dismissed.

    Art Expectations:

    1. Enter the room quietly and on time. No disruptive or discourteous behavior.
    2. Follow all directions the first time they are given.
    3. Keep your hands, feet, and art supplies to yourself.
    4. Respect yourself, others, and the teacher. No put downs of classmates or their artwork.
    5. Participate in all activities.
    6. Follow all school rules listed in the handbook.

    Art Consequences: 

    Minor Infraction:

    • 1st Warning:  Warning: Restate/Reteach Expectation – Minor Form Completed (parent signature – call parent if form not signed.)
    • 2nd Warning:   Minor Form Completed – Call Parent
    • 3rd Warning:   Minor Form Completed – Call Parent
    • 4th Warning:    Major Infraction

    Major Infraction:

    • Receiving 3 Minor Infractions
    • Major Behavior (Stealing, Fighting, Serious Disruption, Vandalism, Cursing, etc.)

    Art Rewards:

    • Verbal Praise
    • Mav Money
    • An encouraging note, email, or phone call home
    • Music while working
    • Softly talking while working
    • Use cell phone for researching ideas

    What you can expect from me as the teacher:

    • To treat you with respect and care as an individual
    • To provide you an orderly classroom environment
    • To provide the necessary discipline
    • To provide the appropriate motivation
    • To teach you the required content
    • To show off your awesome achievements

    Art Fee:

    • There is a $15 art fee and that covers the entire year’s worth of supplies.
    • Please bring your fee as soon as you can. Check made out to GMS with student's first and last name in memo line, cash, or School Bucks
    • I will give you a receipt.

    Supplies needed for class everyday:

    • Pencil and an eraser
    • I will have some to BORROW only. It must be returned.

    Topics that will be covered:

    • The 7 Elements of Art
      • Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Texture, Space
    • The 7 Principles of Design
      • Balance, Emphasis, Contrast, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, Unity
    • Drawing, Coloring, Painting, Oil/Chalk Pastels
    • “Day of the Arts” Artwork
    • Madison County Soil & Water Conservation Poster Contest
    • Any projects are subject to change.

    Mav Marks:

    • You will have a Mav Mark every day found on Canvas.
    • Mav Marks consist mostly of vocabulary words and review.
    • 5 Mav Marks equals one daily grade (100 points).


    • Quizzes will be given to access knowledge of material throughout each 9 weeks.
    • Tests will be given the end of every nine weeks.
    • Tests will come from the Mav Marks. All Mav Marks can be found on Canvas.
    • A review sheet will be sent home at least two weeks prior to the test.
    • We will play a review game the day before or on test day. (bonus points)
    • Projects also count as a test grade.

    Daily Grades:

    • Mav Marks
    • Worksheets
    • Thumbnails
    • Quizzes

    Major Grades:

    • Tests
    • Projects

     How do I grade projects?

    • I create a rubric from the project’s directions.
    • If you follow the directions and do YOUR BEST, you will be fine!!
    • I don’t grade on art ability; but following directions, effort, and participation.

    Hall Expectations:

    • Students are asked to respect ALL adults, even if they are not their teachers.
    • Bathroom during class change: 3 in/ 3 out at a time
    • Bathroom during class time: Teachers will issue 3 bathroom passes per nine weeks in their classroom. If a student does not use all their bathroom passes, they can turn them in at the end of the nine weeks and receive bonus points on an assignment.
    • Students will remain on RED (silent) in halls to and from lunch or hanging up artwork.
    • No food, earbuds, or phones in the hall except for in the mornings when transitioning from buses to courtyard and dismissal.
    • All cell phones must remain in student’s book bags at all times. Minor forms will be issued for phones out without teacher permission.
    • No students will be out of class during first 10, last 10, and WAR time.
    • Minor forms will be issued for tardiness. 3 tardiness = a major write up
    • Minor Forms will be issued for dress code. Checked 1st and 5th block

    Cell Phones in Art: Cell phones should NOT been seen until given permission by the teacher.

    1. Cell phones may be used in my class at the appropriate time.


    NOT Appropriate Time:


    Appropriate Time:

    • Walking into or leaving the classroom
    • After instructions and lesson with the teacher’s permission to get cell phones out
    • While the teacher is giving instructions or the lesson
    • While the student is working on his/her artwork with teacher’s permission
    • WAR. Time
    • Academic use during lesson with teacher signal
    • Announcements



    1. Cell phones may be used in my class with the appropriate usage.


    NOT Appropriate Usage:


    Appropriate Usage:

    • Games, etc.
    • Clipart for art projects
    • Texting, etc.
    • Listening to music while working on his/her artwork WITH earbuds
    • Snap Chat, etc.
    • Google or Artlex - Academic use during lesson with teacher signal
    • Taking pictures or selfies, etc.


    • ANY SOCIAL MEDIA, etc.


    By signing below, means you have read and understood all the above information about Art One.


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