A Titan is defined as one of great strength, power, and authority. In my 4th year as an administrator at "The OT", I have drawn a laser focus on ensuring that my students embody what it truly means to be a Titan in every aspect of their lives. In my 25th year as and educator, one tenet of success has remained constant; Quality Relationships. In the words of James Comer, "No significant learning can take place without significant relationship."  In her TED Talk, Rita Pierson put it more succinctly, "Students don't learn from people they don't like." 
    Whether in the classrooms, hallways, extra-curricular activities or around the Ridgeland community, I strive to instill the Titan Way in every student and family that I serve. We do this by reminding students daily to be B.L.U.E.
    Be prepared
    Learn actively
    Uphold excellence
    Earn and give respect 
    Being B.L.U.E is more than a color, it is our absolute expectation. I live in Madison County with my wife, Schneika, an area real estate broker, our children Jameria and JJ, and our dog, Kita. 
    With Titan strength,
    Jamison K. Stokes, Sr.