• Food Labels = Free Educational supplies!


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    Grocery shopping can now benefit your kids in two ways.  First you can feed the family, and now instead of disposing of certain food labels and UPC’s, they can be given to Madison Station.  MSE takes all the qualifying labels and freely exchanges them with the associated companies for cash, school equipment, or school supplies.

    We have deadlines to submit labels for each semester, but this is not an education program that only exists while school is in session.  Labels collected over holidays and the summer only add to the bottom line.  Collect yourself and encourage grandparents or other family to begin collecting these labels as well.  Once you gather a collection, you can deposit them into the PTO collection box in the library.  Don't forget to clip, save, and submit!  Also Watch for BONUS points awarded at local stores such as Kroger and SAVE BONUS RECEIPTS!

    IMPORTANT: In order for the school to get credit each company requires certain portions of the label and/or possibly the UPC.  Please refer to the program’s web site for specifics.  In some cases please do not just cut around the symbol on the label but follow the organizations cutting instructions.