Welcome to 8th Grade ELA

  • Dear Families,

    Welcome to eighth grade and to what I hope will be an exciting year of English/Language Arts.  Throughout the year, students will be studying language mechanics, reading (both literature and informational texts), poetry, and a variety of writing styles and techniques.  Students will also work to improve skills in public speaking, listening, and critical thinking. Additionally, students have been introduced to my classroom rules and procedures. Please review these rules and consequences with your student to ensure he or she understands the classroom and school-wide expectations.  Major grades will count 65%, and minor grades will count 34% of student average.

    Please note that if you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, I am available for phone calls and meetings (by appointment please) each day before and after school.  You may contact me via email or phone, and I will respond within 24 hours.  

    I am excited about working with your child. I welcome questions or comments, and I am looking forward to a great year!


    Lisa Shaw 

    2023-2024 Rules and Procedures

    Mrs. Shaw

    8th Grade English Language Arts

    Room #800 


    Welcome!  I am very excited to have you in my class this year!  You will have a great year of learning as you continue reading and writing to increase your critical thinking skills! We will use many strategies in the classroom, but most importantly, we will be safe and have a positive attitude while learning.  It is important to follow the rules and procedures so that we can maximize our learning.  


    School Rules & Procedures

    Changing Classes/Hallway Behavior:

    1. Walk quietly to the right side of the hall.
    2. Report to a designated location promptly.  
    3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.


    1. Use quiet voices. (VALUE OTHERS)
    2. Only 3 people at a time in the restroom
    3. Remember always to flush and place all trash in the appropriate bins.
    4. Respect each other’s privacy.


    1. Students should remain silent when walking to the cafeteria and while standing in line.
    2. If you touch it, you take it.
    3. Get all items the first time through the line.
    4. Talk only to those sitting directly beside or across from you in a quiet voice.
    5. Put all trash in appropriate receptacles. If you drop trash on the floor, please pick it up.
    6. Follow directions given by any adult on campus.



    Classroom Rules & Procedures

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be on time, on task, and prepared every day. #nofreedays
    2. First 10 - Last 10:  No student leaves the classroom the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class!  No exceptions! #noroamingthehalls
    3. Be responsible for your own learning and your attitude. #doyourwork #workhard
    4. Clean up after yourself. #notyourmom
    5. Put away all electronics.  YOU WILL LEAVE YOUR CELLULAR DEVICE AND EAR BUDS IN YOUR BOOKBAG.  ALL BOOKBAGS WILL BE KEPT AGAINST DESIGNATED WALLS!   #notexting #notweeting #nopictures #notiktok

    Procedures for Entering the Classroom:

    1. Be on time. Please enter quietly being respectful of your peers. (MAKE WISE CHOICES)
    2. Take out your needed materials for the day. PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CHROMEBOOK WITH YOU EACH DAY AND CHARGED.  You will need your ELA binder, paper, and a pen or pencil every day.
    3. Sharpen all pencils before class begins.
    4. Copy all homework into your planner or binder.
    5. Begin your bell ringer (MAV MARK). It is due approximately 10 minutes after the tardy bell rings.
    6. Check the agenda board. It will tell you what we have planned for the day.

    Exiting the Classroom:

    1. Make sure all trash is picked up off of the floor and out of the desks. Please throw away all trash before leaving. (VALUE OTHERS)
    2. Stay on task until the teacher gives instructions to pack up.
    3. The teacher will dismiss class every day. Please remain seated until the teacher has instructed you to leave.
    4. One person per group/row will clean the desks in that group/row.  
    5. Please exit the room using the procedure that will be taught in class. This will help prevent any accidents and confusion (STAY SAFE)
    6. Exit the room in an orderly manner.  

    Asking or answering questions--I encourage each of you to ask many questions. To ask or answer a question, please:

      • Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by the teacher. (ATTAIN A GREAT ATTITUDE)

    Turning in assignments:

      • Please label all assignments in the top right corner of your paper.
      • Please turn in all assignments on time. Your job becomes harder the more you fall behind!
      • Work that is illegible will be handed back to be rewritten.
      • Assignments turned in during class will be passed to your left or right (or picked up by the teacher or teacher's helper).  Your block will have a designated area to turn in your work.

    Make-up work:

      • Extra copies along with a daily record of assignments will be kept in the make-up work folders.
      • It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve and submit absent work in a timely manner. Please refer to the GMS Student Handbook for more information.
      • Please do not disturb class to hand in work.  Make-Up Work is to be given directly to Mrs. Shaw before or after class.
      • Zero Block is every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 - 8:15.  

    Movement around the room:

      • Please remain seated at all times.
      • If you need to move, please raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged.
      • When moving from desk to small group, please wait until the teacher instructs you to go and then follow the procedure that we will go over in class.
      • When moving around the room, please keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times. (STAY SAFE)

    Codes for the classroom:

    CODE RED - means zero talking and zero moving

    CODE YELLOW - means you may whisper while working with partners or in group

    CODE GREEN - means there is open communication while working in the full group


    Non-verbal and verbal warnings are used only in the classroom.  If a student doesn't follow the guidelines, these steps will be taken:

    1st warning (verbal)- identify/reteach the expectation

    2nd warning (non-verbal) - the teacher will issue 1st  Minor form; the teacher will call the parent; the student will return the copy signed by the parent to the teacher

    3rd warning - the teacher will issue 2nd Minor form; the teacher will call the parent; the student will return the copy signed by the parent to the teacher

    4th warning - the teacher will issue 3rd  Minor form; the teacher will call the parent; the student will return the copy signed by the parent to the teacher

    After the 3rd Minor form, the student will be sent directly to administration for discipline.