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    Posted by Sara Carpenter on 8/5/2019

    I do not give much homework, only to finish something you may not have completed in class.

    HW for me will consist of studying vocabulary, outlines, quizizzes, studymates, or quizlets. Much time should be spend learning the vocabulary and understanding its meaning in multiple contexts. (Not just memorizing it and forgetting it tomorrow).

    All of my tests will have information from past tests to keep the information "fresh" in our minds. It all builds on each other. 


    Sept. 25/26 We had our Reproduction of Organisms test on Wednesday and Thursday. This information will be on the next test (Genetics) along with the new information. This date has yet to be determined. Following the test we began Genetics. 

    Sept. 27/30 Can you Crack the Code? activity - completed in class and entered in to Canvas for a grade.

    Class discussion on the steps Mendel took to discover how traits are passed from parent to offspring.

    We looked at several dominant to recessive traits about ourselves: earlobes attached or unattached, curved thumb or straight, interlaced fingers left or right on top.

    Reviewed and reassessed "Waves" in classes that had missed due to pep rally or lunch. 

    Began Lesson 1 outline to be completed for homework if necessary. (This will be a grade in the following class.)

    We will have a vocabulary quiz on Ch. 2 - Genetics on Thursday, October 3 (A) and Friday, October 4 (B). 

    Terms to be tested:dominant trait, egg, genetics, heredity, hybrid, recessive trait, sperm, allele, codominance, conclude, gene, genotype, heterozygous, homozygous, incomplete dominance, phenotype, polygenic inheritance, and Punnett square



    We will have our District-wide Case test on October 7 (A) and October 8 (B). We have been preparing for this all term. 

    Oct. 1/2 Used StudyMate to practice vocabulary for quiz on Thursday/Friday. Entered HW (Mendel and his Peas - Lesson 1 outline) into Canvas.

    Reviewed Punnett squares, dominant and recessive traits, homozygous and heterozygous, purebred and hybrid, and how to use Punnett squares to predict traits that are inherited from parent to offspring.  Completed MC assignment on today's topic (monohybrid punnett squares). Began reviewing for Case 21 9 weeks test. 

    HW - study vocabulary and outline to prepare for vocabulary quiz. 

    We will have our District-wide Case test on October 7 (A) and October 8 (B). We have been preparing for this all term. 

    Oct. 3/4 Reviewed for vocabulary quiz. Completed vocabulary quiz.  Answered questions on study guide. Discussed answers in groups.

    One-on-one discussion on last MC assessment (what did you miss and why).

    HW - study all past information and study guide for Case Assessment on Monday/Tuesday

    Oct. 7/8 - Completed District-wide Case Assessment - Scores should be back next week. - Read and answered questions about genetics and butterflies - graded in Canvas

    Bring colored pencils to next class. 

    Oct. 9/10 - Flipped coins to determine genotypes for 10 monster traits. Created monsters to match our traits. Crossed our monster with another and used Punnett squares to determine what traits offspring most likely receive. Created baby monsters with the traits determined from the punnett squares. Submitted created monsters into Canvas. 
    Test on Genetics and Heredity on Oct. 23/24
    OCT. 11/16 - Heredity and Genetics Task cards. We answered questions about heredity and genetics. 
    Oct. 17 (A) - Keyed in our answers from the task cards. Completed cold read on Selective breeding. Read and completed Lesson 2 Outline "Understanding Inheritance.
    HW - Study for test.
    Oct. 18 (B) - Outsiders Day
    HW - Study for test
    Oct. 21(A) - Discussed sex-linked traits and completed punnett squares using sex-linked traits. Discussed selective breeding, genetic engineering, cloning and gene therapy. Pros/Cons of GMOs
    HW - Study for test
    Oct. 22 (B) - Keyed in our answers from the task cards. Completed cold read on Selective breeding. Read and completed Lesson 2 Outline "Understanding Inheritance". Discussed selective breeding (inbreeding and hybridization), genetic engineering and Pros/Cons of GMOs.
    HW - Study for test
    Test on Heredity and Genetics (and all past material) on Oct. 23/24
    Oct. 23/24 - Completed test on Genetics and Heredity. Completed assessment of Bikini Bottom Genetics demonstrating how to do punnett squares. 
    Oct 25/28 - Reviewed Punnett squares and worked punnett square task cards. Most did not finish, will finish next class.
    Bring colored pencils to class.
    Next test - Genetics, heredity and genetic modification on Nov. 7-8
    Oct. 29/30 - Life Science Jag Mark - Advances in Genetics - read and anwser questions - (catch up for anyone behind) -Quizizz
    Oct. 31/Nov 1 - Selective Breeding Quia - catch up for anyone behind - Played "What's in Mrs. Carpenter's purse" comparing my purse to an X chromosome and a wallet to a Y chromosome - (lots more traits can go on an X cromosome than can fit on the Y chromosome) Karyotypes and pedigrees - Pedigree ppt followed by check up - Quizizz 
    (Check Canvas for new Quizizz) 
    Nov. 7/8 - Complete Genetics and Heredity Test 
    Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day program - Watched video on Charles Darwin and his adventures that explalined natural selection
    Nov 12/13 - Jag Mark - Life Science - Day 4 - researched peppered moths and how they evolved due to pollution
    Nov 14 - Jag Mark - Physical science - Day 5, Camouflaged moths and placed them around the room to "hide from predators" (admin and other teachers). Read about being "Naturally Selected to Survive" and answered questions. 
    HW - Study quizlet and study mate - Watch "The Making of a Theory" about Charles Darwin and be prepared for a short quiz.
     Nov. 18/19 - Compoleted Physical Science - Day 6 Jag Mark - Compared/Contrasted natural with artificial - Identified the meaning of selection - Compared/Contrasted Natural Selection with artificial Selection - read The theory of Evonution by natural selection - Completed Outline for section 2 - Completed quikquiz on Darwin and his adventures in the Galapagos Islands - HW - finish graphic organizers for Section 2
    Test on Evolution by Natural Selection on Dec. 5/6
    Dec 9/10 -Begin Part 1 review for Semester Exam (3 parts) - Waves - Read and discussed 35 waves questions and chose best answer. 
    Exam Schedule
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  • How do I access the online textbook

    Posted by Sara Carpenter on 9/26/2018

    Two ways to access the online textbook:

    1. Use the McGraw-Hill app

    2. Go to www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com

    McGraw-Hill Science textbook 


    Usernames and passwords have been given to the students. Most wrote it on the back of the name tag on the front of thei computer.


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