• Attendance FAQ


    Parent Checkout Note


    Madison County Schools attendance regulations can be found on pages 26-27 of the Student Handbook.


    Mississippi law requires students to attend 63% of the instructional day in order to be considered present.



    Where is Germantown High School’s attendance office? And who is the attendance clerk?


    The attendance office is located in the front of the school by the front office. For entrance, please ring the bell and wait for the unlock click, push the door (it is heavy). The attendance clerk is Mrs. Miles bmiles@madison-schools.com


    What do I do if my student is tardy to school?


    If your student is tardy, they need to report promptly to the school attendance clerk to check in and receive an admittance slip to class. If your student is a bus rider, late buses will be excused. Failure to check in could result in the student’s records reflecting absent all day. Please be aware of the district policy regarding tardies:

    • The classroom teacher will administer consequences for the first 3 tardies to that class.
    • On the fourth tardy, and each one thereafter, the student will be referred to the administration for more severe consequences, which may include corporal punishment, in school detention (ISD), or out-of-school suspension and the parent/guardian will be notified that there is a problem.
    • Six or more tardies may result in a student being suspended from school.


    ***A student who misses more than 25% of a class period will be counted absent for that class period.


    My student was absent, what do I do?


    If your student was absent, you can complete an online excuse after absence form on our website and submit it to Mrs. Miles. Or you can bring in a written excuse to the attendance office. The absence excuse must include your student’s name, dates absent, and reason for absence. For a doctor’s appointment, please provide the attendance office with a valid doctor’s note. Absence excuses need to be submitted no later than two days after absence.  Excuses will change the absence from unexcused to excused. Please note that any time your student is not in class they are marked absent for that class period.


    By law, any student accumulating five unexcused absences must be reported to the Madison County Attendance Office of the Youth Court. High School students may miss no more than 11 days in a full year course or no more than 6 days in a one semester course.



    How can I check-out my student? Who can check-out my student?


    You can check-out your student by physically coming into the attendance office and signing them out. Or you can fill out the parent check-out note and have your student turn it into the attendance office before 10:00 on the day of check-out. No check-outs by phone or email will be accepted. Only those on your student’s check-out list will be allowed to check-out the student. No exceptions. The parent check out note can be found in the attendance office or online above. THERE ARE NO CHECK-OUTS AFTER 3:20 PM.


    How can I add someone to my student’s check-out list?


    You can add someone to your student’s check-out list by filling out a form in the counselor’s office. This must be done in person. Changes over the phone or email will not be accepted.


    What is a parent check-out note?


    A parent check-out note is a form allowing your student to leave campus on their own. This can be found in the attendance office or online. 


    How does a parent check-out note work?


    This form can be picked up in the attendance office, filled out, and turned back in to Mrs. Miles. The check-out note must include the date, student’s name, reason for check-out, parent’s signature, and parent phone number. It is due by 10:00 am on the day of check-out NO EXCEPTIONS. If checking out before or at 10:00 the check-out note needs to be turned in at the beginning of the school day. This note is subject to verification. Students must come to the attendance office to sign out before leaving campus. Violations of this privilege will result in disciplinary action.


    Students should pick up a blue check-out slip for their teacher if they are leaving during class time. Failure to pick one up may result in delayed check-out.


    Can my student check back in after they have checked out?


    Your student can only check back into school with a valid doctor’s note or a parent/guardian physically present. No parent notes, calls, or emails will be accepted.


    How can I check my student’s attendance?


    You can check your student’s attendance on Active Parent. Students can check their attendance on Active Student. We recommend checking frequently for discrepancies in attendance. Attendance cannot be modified past the end of each month when records are sent to the state.  


    How many times can my student be absent and still be exempt from midterm/final exams?


    Please reference the Madison County Schools student handbook for exam exemption requirements. Please note that an absence is an absence, regardless of it being excuse or unexcused. The only absence exceptions are school related events. Also, checking out early could result in being marked absent and therefore not exempt from exams.


    Can I bring outside food or drinks to my student?


    No outside food or drink is allowed.