• Check out/check in procedures: NO CHECK OUTS AFTER 3:20 PM


    When a student checks out of school, a parent must be present unless a parent note is presented to the attendance office before 10:00 a.m.


    When using a parent note to check out, the note must be given to the attendance office by 10:00 am to receive a check out pass.


    The check out note must include: date, student’s name, reason for check out, parent’s signature and phone number.  Parent notes are subject to verification.


    No check outs permitted with phone calls, faxes or emails.


    As always, the student MUST come to attendance office to sign out before leaving campus.


    The student will only be allowed to check back in with a doctor’s excuse (may be contacted for verification) or a parent present. 


    A student will NOT be allowed to check back in with a parent note.


    Changes made to check out contacts may only be made in person, in the counselor's office.