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    Tuesday, April 19, 2022


    • REMINDER FOR ALL STUDENTS: No food or drink is allowed to be brought to you during the day. Please make sure to take advantage of the FREE breakfast and lunch this year.  
    • GHS will be offering a new class for the 2022-2023 school year called Broadcast Journalism. Any students interested in videography, social media, graphics, etc., are encouraged to sign up for this class. 






    • We Care Box: The GHS Counselor’s Office will be utilizing the We Care box this year as a source of communication between the students and GHS counselors. The black box is located between the library and the art hallway. It is designed to be a confidential course of communication for students to report to the Counselor’s Office other students who are in need, a danger to themselves or others, or other concerns. Concerns placed in the box are taken very seriously—please only make a report if you have a legitimate concern! Reports can be made anonymously; however, it is very helpful to have the name of the person reporting the information in the event further information is needed. If you have a legitimate concern about another student, please fill out one of the yellow WE CARE forms located in the folder on the outside of the mailbox and drop it inside the box. The box will be checked in a timely manner.  
    • Please visit the Counselor’s Office tab on our website (ghsmavs.com) for scholarship information.