• REHEARSAL SCHEDULE FOR Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

    Posted by Jan Bruening on 9/28/2012 10:15:00 AM
    If you need help with a costume for your student, please contact Meagan Wilson by email at zigzag8412@gmail.com .   Because some of the costumes for this show are rather involved, Meagan is working with those that need help with this.  Should you want Meagan's help, please be prepared to pay her a down-payment of $30 to cover basic costs of purchasing fabric and notions.  Her fee will vary based on the costume, beginning with $30 - $40 plus materials.  Naturally, the cost will increase with the complexity of the costume.
    We are also in great need of the following.  If you can loan any of these items, please let us know right away!
    *Christmas tree stands (about 20) to hold small trees for the forest
    *Large silk flower arrangement (for Medieval Castle)
    *Large Oriental rug
    *"Pretty" upholstered chair for Belle's bedroom
    *"Fancy" bed for Belle
    *Plain wooden benches, wooden table, wooden chairs
    *Antlers to attach to chair for Gaston (we will tie them on with fishing line)
    *Worn-looking wooden cart for bookseller in Medieval Village


    Information for our Fall Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Jr. will be found here.  Please check for updates, announcements, etc.
    Following is our cast (in groups):
    GOUP A:
    Hannah Brady - Belle
    Eric Narbo - Maurice
    John Walker Webb - Beast
    Landes Purnell - Gaston
    Walker Duncan - Lefou
    Bradley Davis - Lumiere
    Spencer Castillo - Cogsworth
    Courtney Johnson - Mrs. Potts
    Sarah Weicks - Babette
    Grace Temple - Madame De La Grande Bouche
    Francie Davis - Chip
    Grace Spencer - Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress
    Brayden Cargile - Monsieur D/Arque
    Lanston Boles - Bookseller
    GROUP B:  (Silly Girls)
    Sydney Brady
    Anna Brock
    Reagan Gourley
    Allyn Hackman
    Beth Hall
    Madelyn Heath
    Maren Hrivnak
    Hallie Spencer
    GROUP C:  (Village Dancers)
    Sydney Brady
    Courtney Johnson
    Grace Temple
    Sarah Weicks
    GROUP D: (The Servants/Staff)
    Lexie Boyd, Sarah Carr, Allison Dunn, Sarah Flurry, Haley Frazier, Peyton Garrett, Kiara Gross, Olivia Havrilla, Annie Hawks, Kallie Hedgepeth, Anna Reagan Hurst, Kaitlyn Johnson, Mackenzie Moffett, Sarah Peeler, Chandler Ray, Maeve Rigney, Marianna Robbins, Emily Robinson, Isaac Salamonson, Harrison Scott, Rachel Stout, Jessica Styres, Mallory Tubb, Jaxon Vinson, Khelsia Waters, Chloe Welch, Danny Williams, Hamilton Williams
    GROUP E:  (The Village Chorus)
    All 6th grade Beginner Choir Girls
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