• Students are assigned and accepted into the Madison County Academic Options Center as a part of the Madison County School District’s on-going mission to safely educate students academically and socially.  MCAOC is a Tier III intervention initiated by the district to address a specific violation of the code of discipline.  It can also be a Tier III intervention initiated because of a student’s non-response to previous Tier I and Tier II interventions for on-going behavior problems/violations in the regular school setting.  MCAOC seeks to encourage and promote positive change in students.  This includes the ability to accept and understand authority and its meaning and purpose in the school setting.


    The MCAOC strives to support and assist every Madison County School with the education of those students who are unsuccessful in their traditional school and need an alternative setting.  The MCAOC attempts to identify each student’s academic, social, and emotional needs.  The intent of the MCAOC is to return each student to his/her home school with the skills necessary to be successful in a comprehensive school environment.


    • Promote positive changes in students through behavior modification and rehabilitation.
    • Teach students the behaviors necessary to be successful at his/her home school.
    • Prepare students to apply the appropriate behavior at his/her home school as to prevent being reassigned to the alternative school.