• Grading System
    As with all classes at Madison Middle, your child will receive major grades and minor grades.  Below you will find information about how your child will receive grades in band.
    Minor Grades
          - Weekly Grade: Each week your child will receive a weekly grade based on bringing materials to class, participation, and turning in
             exit tickets at the end of each class. 
          - Theory/Rhythm Activities: Some music theory and/or rhythm activities done in class or as a take home assignment will count as a
             minor grade.
    Major Grades
          - Playing Tests: Playing tests will either be played during class time or submitted as a recording on CHARMS.  The teacher will write
             all playing assignments on the board and will notate which ones are to be recorded on CHARMS.  Late CHARMS recordings will
             receive a -10 late penalty.
          - Theory Assignments: Most theory assignments will be taken as a major grade.
          - Rhythm Counting: 6th and 7th grade students will be required to count at least 4 rhythms from the 9 weeks rhythm sheet. 
          - Performances