Classroom Information:
    We have high expectations for all students in our classroom.  I expect good attitudes and a willingness to TRY!
    Arrival time: 7:00-7:30
    Dismissal: 2:20
    Lunch:  10:20-10:40
    • Homework: Typically given Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 
    • Please check the assignment pad every night and initial it to let me know you have seen it.
    • Switch time is 11:30 and snack is at 12:50 
    State Test Information:
    More information will come on testing as we get it in the spring.  Here are some websites that are helpful:
    1. http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/
    2.  https://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/
    Specials Schedule 
    Monday: Library
    Tuesday: Team Tuesday
    Wednesday: Music
    Thursday: PE & Computer
    Friday: Art
    Class Schedule 

    00-7:50             LEAP Work

    7:50-8:00         Check LEAP Work

    8:00-8:45         Math

    8:45-9:30         Specials

    9:30                  Restroom Break

    9:30-10:20       Math

    10:20-10:40     Lunch

    10:40-10:45     Clean Tables/Restroom

    10:45-11:25     Math/Science 

    11:30                Switch

    11:30-12:30     Math

    12:30-12:41     Recess

    12:41-12:50     Snack 

    12:50-1:50       Homeroom/Pack Up/Dismiss