Do we have homework in BAND?

    To answer the timeless question, YES!  WE DO have homework in Band.

    Why Practice?

    Many of the skills learned in band are simply a matter of muscle memory.  The more you practice, the more your fingers will get used to covering holes, pushing valves, and moving slides.  Your mouth will automatically memorize how to move in order to create those high and low pitches.  Though it may be rough at first, you will get better and better over time.  Learning how to play an instrument is not something you can learn over night.  Think back to when you were a baby.  Did you learn to walk in one day?  Of course not!  You took a few steps, wobbled, and probably fell down.  But over time, you got back up and tried again.  Now you can not only walk, but you can also leap, run, and skip!  So give it time.  With a little patience and hard work, you'll be a musical prodigy in no time!

    How much do I practice?

    The directors encourage their Beginner Band students to practice a minimum of 50 minutes each week.  That's only 10 minutes per school day!  However, you are welcome to practice MORE than 50 minutes!

    What should I practice?

    When you practice at home, your practice session should look something like this:

    1. FUNdamentals
    2. Scales
    3. Method Book Exercises
    4. Concert/Performance Music

    *Be sure to practice anything that your teachers may specifically assign you!*

    Where should I practice?

    It's important to find a sturdy chair in a nice, quiet corner of the house, free from distractions in which to practice. 
    Practicing somewhere close to a computer could be helpful as well. Students can access free metronomes online to make sure they are practicing their exercises at the right speed, and their method books come with a CD they can play along with!

    What should I do when I finish practicing?

    Don't forget to properly take your instrument apart and swab out if necessary before putting it away. Green fuzzies growing inside the instruments are generally not a good sign.

    If your teacer is using practice logs in class, record how many minutes you have practiced into your log.  Total how many minutes you have practiced each week and get Mom or Dad to sign it.  Your directors will surely be checking it on Monday!