• Grades

    Daily Grades:

    1. Beginner Band Students earn a weekly "Participation & Materials Grade."
    Every day the student will receive 100 points for being on time, participating, and having all of his or her materials.  If a student fails to have all of his/her materials, then his/her grade will be lowered accordingly. 
    Required materials include:  instrument, pencil, and Band Binder with method book & music.

    *If the instrument must go to the shop for repair, please bring us back the receipt so that we may provide your child with a loaner instrument.*
    2. Instrument Maintenance:
    Students are responsible for taking care of their own instruments and making sure that they remain in proper working condition. This is part of their daily participation and materials grade. If you think there is a problem with your instrument, don't forget to see us first! We may be able to fix whatever is ailing your horn before you have to spend money and time at the repair shop.
    *If the instrument must go to the shop for repair, please bring us back the receipt so that we may provide your child with a loaner instrument.*

    3. Practice Logs:
    Some of our directors use what are called "Practice Logs." We will usually assign a particular exercise, such as a page out of the method book or a particular scale, for the students to practice.  The students will write these assignments in their practice log or somewhere in the band binder, and then record the number of minutes they have practiced each day in their Log. The directors have a specified amount of time the students are to practice per week.  At the end of the week, the Practice Log must be verified and signed by a parent or guardian.  Practice logs will be checked on Mondays when students come to band class.

    *Logs that do not include a signatures from a parent will NOT receive credit.*

    Test Grades:

    Although a few written quizzes may be given throughout the semester, a majority of the tests in Band will be based on the student's playing ability.

    1. Playing Tests.
    Playing tests will be given approximately every week, and the student will know far in advance the material on which they will be tested.  A written rubric will be used to score each performance.   Preparation will take place in the class, but may require additional practice time outside of the class room.  We recommend each student practice at least 50 minutes a week or more at home (only 10 minutes a night!).

    *Make-Up Tests must be scheduled with the student's teacher.*

    2.  Formal Concerts
    Formal Concerts will serve as a test grade and may NOT be made up.  The dates for these concerts are given far in advance, and scheduling conflicts should be arranged around these dates.  The only excused absences are due to a Death in the Family or due to a Serious Illness with a Doctor's note.
    Due to the temporal nature of concerts, alternative assignments are not a valid replacement for making up a grade for a missed concert. Students missing a concert with an unexcused absence will earn a grade of 0 in the gradebook.