For the most recent information see the syllabus and pacing guide
    Engineering Class supplies: NOTE--- they are not always needed but suggested.  ALL Freshmen need their supplies!
    Eng. Fundamentals: 
    • Metric and Imperial ruler (can be on the same ruler)
    • Caliper from Harbor freight or other place.  Cheap is fine.
    • Engineering notebook with graphpaper is preferred 
    • pencils, pens, eraser
    • Drawing paper or book
    • Bag or small plastic box to hold the calipers, pencils, or small tools.  (like a small pencil holder box)
    Engineering Design 
    • Calipers
    • Pencils, pens
    • Engineering notebook (source to be announced)
    • Drawing paper (if needed)
    • Arduino (model to be determined) source (Amazon)
    • Electronics kit (this is optional and for additional individual supplies to work at home)
    • Safety glasses to be brought to school at designated dates
    Systems in Engineering 
    • Engineering notebook (source to be determined)
    • Pens Pencils
    • Drawing supplies if needed 
    • Arduino (model to be determined) Source (amazon) – (optional for home use)
    • Safety glasses
    • Electronics extra supplies (optional - but will help greatly with independent work at home) (source TBD)
    • Calipers and other small tools if needed
    • Graph paper bound notebook (needed when we start circuits)
    • You will have electronics projects so you may want to buy your own set of stuff.

    Applies Engineering  (seniors)

    • Calipers
    • Raspberry Pi or Arduino for Sr. Project
    • Engineering notebook(s)
    • Various electronics/mechanical parts for Sr. projects
    • You will have senior projects so you may need to buy your own set of materials, electronics, or whatever is part of your project.