• EFE School-Wide Word of the Day (2021-2022)
    🏠Note to Families:  A school-wide word of the day will be announced, posted on the EFE website, and practiced with learning activities in class on Monday through Thursday.  All words from the week will be reviewed and revisited on Fridays.  Practice makes progress!  Please help us at home by asking your children to tell you what they learned about that day's word, what it means, and explore examples of that word in everyday life.  Applying each word to real-life examples helps kids to remember the meanings!  
    accurate (ADJ) = free of mistakes or errors/to be careful or precise (Nov. 10)  
    affordable (ADJ) = to have enough money to be able to buy something (Nov. 15) 
    ancient (ADJ) = something very old or existing for many years (Jan. 11) 
    artistic (ADJ) = having to do with real art talent, showing skill, or imagination with art (Jan. 25) 
    attention (NOUN) = being focused on something that is happening (Feb. 2) 
    applause (NOUN) = clapping of many peoples' hands (April 13) 
    accomplish (VERB) = to successfully finish something (April 28) 
    brave (ADJ) = having no fear when doing something scary or dangerous (Sep. 22) 
    bashful (ADJ) = shy, coy, or self-conscious (Oct. 25) 
    belong (VERB) = to live or be in the right place/to be the property of someone (May 18) 
    boast (VERB) = to talk with pride about oneself (May 25) 
    clever (ADJ) = being very smart or creative/being very quick in learning (Sep. 21) 
    curious (ADJ) = eager to learn or know more about something (Oct. 6) 
    competitive (ADJ) = having a strong desire to succeed in different situations (Nov. 18) 
    complicated (ADJ) = very difficult, hard, or complex (Nov. 30) 
    cluttered (ADJ) = to be messy or filled with litter (Jan. 26) 
    consequence (NOUN) = something that happens because of another action (Jan. 31) 
    community (NOUN) = group of people who live or work together/an area where people live (Feb. 1) 
    contract (NOUN) = piece of paper that is an agreement and makes things binding (March 23) 
    climate (NOUN) = weather conditions that are most popular in a place over time (March 31) 
    caution (NOUN) = close attention or care/being careful and alert (April 12) 
    champion (NOUN) = person who has taken first place in a contest or game (April 14)
    categories (NOUN) = group of items that are alike (April 21) 
    connect (VERB) = to join or link things together (May 2) 
    cooperate (VERB) = to work well with others in order to complete a task (May 24) 
    daily (ADJ) = happening or occurring every single day (Sep. 20) 
    damp (ADJ) = slightly wet or moist (Oct. 4)
    delighted (ADJ) = feeling a great amount of pleasure or happiness (Oct. 21) 
    delicious (ADJ) = pleasing to the sense of taste or smell (Nov. 1) 
    dangerous (ADJ) = likely to cause harm, full of risks, or NOT safe (Nov. 4)
    distant (ADJ) = far away (Dec. 7) 
    dozen (NOUN) = a set of 12 objects (Feb. 10)
    dawn (NOUN) = the first daylight in the morning (March 9) 
    directions (NOUN) = guidance or information about how to do something or which way to go (April 11) 
    doubt (VERB) = to be unsure about something or to NOT believe something (May 10) 
    exhausted (ADJ) = to be extremely tired/to use up or try out all options (Sep. 13) 
    expensive (ADJ) = having a high price or costing a great deal of money (Sep. 16) 
    enormous (ADJ) = to be extremely large in size (Sep. 28) 
    equal (ADJ) = having the same amount or value/same for everyone (Nov. 8) 
    excess (ADJ) = having extra or more than what is needed/going beyond what is expected (Nov. 11) 
    endurance (NOUN) = being able to keep going when things are difficult or hard (March 24) 
    effort (NOUN) = amount of physical or mental energy that is used (April 7) 
    example (NOUN) = model of something to show how it is done or expected to look (April 26)
    explore (VERB) = to search through or look at carefully (May 17) 
    fascinating (ADJ) = being very interesting or amazing (Sep. 9) 
    fiction (ADJ) = a story that is made up or NOT real (Oct. 13) 
    famous (ADJ) = being well-known by many people (Oct. 19) 
    fancy (ADJ) = very decorated or NOT plain (Nov. 2) 
    friendly (ADJ) = kind, sociable, and helpful (Nov. 17) 
    filthy (ADJ) = very dirty or nasty (Jan. 19) 
    fear (NOUN) = feeling of being scared, anxious, or alarmed (March 2) 
    field (NOUN) = a pasture or an open area covered with grass (March 8) 
    focus (VERB) = to pay close attention to one specific thing (May 5)  
    gradual (ADJ) = changing or moving slowly over time (Sep. 30)  
    gigantic (ADJ) = huge or enormous (Jan. 10) 
    gravity (NOUN) = Earth's force has that keeps objects on the surface (Feb. 22) 
    hazardous (ADJ) = being very dangerous or likely to harm someone (Sep. 15)
    interview (NOUN) = a meeting between 2 or more people and usually for a job (March 30) 
    injury (NOUN) = a damage that causes pain to someone (April 5) 
    illustrate (VERB) = to draw pictures to help explain a story (May 12) 
    jealous (ADJ) = feelings of wanting what someone else has (Sep. 14) 
    journey (NOUN) = a trip from one place to another (Feb. 16) 
    lonely (ADJ) = without a companion or being by oneself (Nov. 9) 
    leader (NOUN) = person who leads or guides a group of people (Feb. 3) 
    miserable (ADJ) = to be extremely unhappy or unsatisfied (Oct. 7) 
    masterpiece (NOUN) = work of art that is of great quality or an artist's best work (Feb. 23) 
    monument (NOUN) = something made in memory of an achievement or a person (March 28) 
    market (NOUN) = place where goods are sold, usually food, like the grocery store (April 20) 
    mischief (NOUN) = behavior that is playful but dangerous or annoying to others (April 25) 
    noisy (ADJ) = to make a lot of loud sounds and noises (Sep. 27)
    nonfiction (ADJ) = a type of text that is based off of real information and facts (Oct. 14) 
    nervous (ADJ) = to be fearful or anxious about something that might happen (Oct. 18) 
    narrow (ADJ) = having very little width or NOT being wide (Oct. 28) 
    ordinary (ADJ) = usual, normal, or basic (Dec. 1) 
    opposite (ADJ) = to be different or NOT the same (Dec. 8) 
    opinion (NOUN) = what something thinks about something or someone else (March 10) 
    powerful (ADJ) = full of power/being strong and having power over something (Sep. 23) 
    polite (ADJ) = showing good manners (Oct. 5) 
    patient (ADJ) = willing to calmly wait for something without complaining (Oct. 20) 
    perseverance (NOUN) = ability to continue a task even when it gets difficult (March 1) 
    planet (NOUN) = large, celestial body in the solar system that revolves around a star (March 3) 
    pretend (VERB) = to make believe/to act as something or someone else (May 3) 
    purchase (VERB) = to get something by using money to buy it (May 26) 
    respectful (ADJ) = having or showing respect or consideration for others (Sep. 7)
    responsible (ADJ) = able to make good choices/able to complete tasks or jobs (Sep. 8) 
    rural (ADJ) = living in or to be dealing with farming or country life (Oct. 26) 
    rules (NOUN) = a set of directions or guidelines (Feb. 7) 
    reminder (NOUN) = something that will cause someone to recall or remember something (March 7) 
    report (NOUN) = a statement or account of something (March 29) 
    remove (VERB) = to take away/to move by lifting, pulling, or pushing (May 19) 
    scarce (ADJ) = in short supply, difficult to find, or NOT enough (Dec. 2)
    similar (ADJ) = having resemblance, likeness, or almost the same (Dec. 6) 
    surprised (ADJ) = shocked or amazed by something that was NOT expected (Dec. 9) 
    selfish (ADJ) = concerned only with oneself or NOT concerned about others (Jan. 12) 
    special (ADJ) = unique or different from others (Jan. 18) 
    smooth (ADJ) = NOT rough or feels even (Jan. 24) 
    sibling (NOUN) = brother or sister/one or more people who share the same parents (Feb. 8) 
    symbol (NOUN) = something that stands for something else (Feb. 14) 
    scholar (NOUN) = person who has studied a great deal on a topic (Feb. 15) 
    season (NOUN) = period of time during the year with similar weather patterns (Feb. 17)
    scenery (NOUN) = area that a person can see or surrounding land (March 21) 
    surface (NOUN) = a flat area or the outside boundary of something (April 4) 
    shore (NOUN) = the land beside an ocean, sea, lake, or river (April 6) 
    terrified (ADJ) = to be very scared of something or someone (Sep. 29) 
    timid (ADJ) = NOT willing to engage in social contact or wanting to talk with others (Nov. 16) 
    talented (ADJ) = having a natural skill or gift (Jan. 27) 
    tomorrow (NOUN) = the day following or after today (Feb. 24) 
    treasure (NOUN) = something that is highly admired or valued, hidden, and stored (Feb. 28) 
    transportation (NOUN) = objects that carry or move people and objects from one place to another (April 19) 
    travel (VERB) = to journey or take a trip from one place to another (May 16) 
    trade (VERB) = to switch objects or to give something in order to get something else in return (May 23) 
    urban (ADJ) = living in or to be dealing with cities or towns (Oct. 27) 
    uncomfortable (ADJ) = NOT feeling comfort (Nov. 3) 
    valuable (ADJ) = having great value or expensive (Jan. 20) 
    volunteer (NOUN) = someone who offers his or her time and serves to help others (March 22)  
    vehicle (NOUN) = something used to carry or move people and things (April 27) 
    wealthy (ADJ) = rich or having a great deal of money (Nov. 29) 
    wise (ADJ) = sage or having a good understanding about many things (Jan. 13) 
    wonder (VERB) = to think deeply or to be curious about something (May 4) 
    worry (VERB) = to think or be nervous about something (May 9) 
    whisper (VERB) = to speak very softly so only 1 or 2 people can hear (May 11) 
    yesterday (NOUN) = the day before today (Feb. 9)