• Making the Grade!

    Success in Middle School begins with you! Learn to make the most of your academic experience using the following tips:
    Organize for Success: A big deal for middle school students is organization.   Keep a well organized notebook.  Use colored tabs, have sections for homework, classnotes, handouts, and Mav Marks.   Be sure to give those loose papers a proper home by punching holes and placing them in the appropriate subject matter.
    Be Prepared:  Make sure you have all necessary materials ready for class.  Use a planner or assignment notebook to keep track of homework, test dates, and future projects.
    Participate: Asking questions and discussing ideas and opinions helps keep stuff in your brain.  So get involved! Don't be afraid to speak up.  Chances are someone else probably has the same question!
    Keep up with your stuff: Keep your handouts and classnotes in your binders.  Take good notes and make sure you keep up with your Mav Marks as well.  Many teachers do not have take-home sets of textbooks.   They give you everything you need to prepare for a test in class.  Be sure to check their websites.   They often put powepoints, study guides, and test reviews on there to help you as well.
    Don't be a "Put-Off:"  The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to prepare for a test.  Here are some tips that will make test taking a lot smoother:
    *  Do a quick review each day of handouts and notes from your classes.
    *  Rewrite key points in your class notes.  Also, rewrite any vocabulary words that  may be a part of the test. 
    Check out these Study Skills for other tips on school success.