All GMS band students are highly encouraged to enroll in private lessons. The band staff at Germantown has assembled a fantastic staff of private lesson instructors for this school year.

    Private lessons offer your child a unique experience that he or she cannot receive in a regular classroom setting. 

    If you choose to participate in the program, your son or daughter will meet with a private instrumental specialist once a week at an arranged time.

    Lesson times range from thirty minutes to an hour. During this time, your student will have 100% of the instructor’s attention.

    These lessons will be geared toward helping your son or daughter become a truly great musician by teaching them how to improve their musical skills.

    While we as a band staff strive to work with each student regularly, we are limited because of class size and time.

    We feel that private lessons are a wonderful resource and that its contributes a great amount to the student’s musical success. Please email Mr. Peacock if you have any questions regarding private lessons jpeacock@madison-schools.com

     Sign your child up for private lessons HERE. We will contact you on how to get started with a private lesson teacher.

    GMS Private Lesson FAQ

    1.    What are the benefits of private lessons?

    It is our hope that every student we teach is given the best opportunity to succeed. One of the best ways to set your student up for success and fulfillment in music is through one-on-one private lesson instruction. Here, students can be afforded the kind of specific help and coaching that may not always be possible in a larger group setting. The combination of unique instructional strategies, demonstration, and immediate feedback for each student makes for the most efficient and effective use of playing/practice time outside of band class. This kind of specific coaching tailored to each student’s individual needs can also help to avoid frustration, keep students moving forward at their own pace, and can help students get ahead in class.

    2.    Why should I consider private lessons for my child if they are already in band?

    Many music students and parents feel that their band director, no matter what his or her major instrument may be, is all the teacher they will ever need. Students often have the incorrect notion that progress on their instrument is totally the responsibility of the band director. A student must also accept the responsibility of progressing on their instrument. With the help of a private teacher, the student receives personal attention which can only enhance a student’s playing ability. Any amount of time with a fine private teacher will be time well spent.

     - Working with a private teacher can help a student keep up with peers in the group setting.

    - Private lessons help to minimize frustration.

    - Private lessons set up the student for success

    - The student learns how to practice effectively and efficiently

    - It is much easier to stay motivated with the help of a private instructor.

    3.    What will private lessons require of me?

    Each instructor will have their own schedule, pricing, and their own set of expectations, but most of the private lessons will occur once a week. Private lessons do require individual practice time outside of the lesson to keep progressing from lesson to lesson. Students should be practicing daily (if possible) to give themselves the best chance for success.