If your residence has not changed, or if your lease has not expired during the 2010-2011 school year, you need to provide the following:


    ยท         2 current utility bills, as outlined in paragraph 3 below

    If your residence has changed, please submit the following:


    1.    An Affidavit of Residence, available at your school office or online at www.madison-schools.com/site/default.aspx?domainid=773 and:


    2.    IF YOU OWN YOUR HOME - A recorded copy of your property deed.


          IF YOU LEASE YOUR  RESIDENCE  -  An original, current lease agreement      naming all residents of the dwelling and:


    3.    Two different current utility bills (electric, water, gas, land phone) that clearly show the street address and name of resident.  Cell phone bills will not be accepted to verify residency. Utility bills listing a post office box as an address will only be accepted if the service address is also listed.





    Please note that residency requirements must be fulfilled each year as part of the registration process.  No schedules will be handed out until residency requirements have been satisfied.