• Yearbook 2020-2021

    Welcome back!  I hope you and your family are staying safe.  Please remember to keep your distance from others and keep your hands clean. 

    Week of 05/11/21

    • 10 photos due this week.  Make sure you are taking photos each day.
    • Add variety to your pictures
  • Speaking the code...

    When you look at your grades in Active Student (or Active Parent), you may notice different codes rather than a numeric grade. Below are explanations for the codes I use for your grades.  These may or may not be used by your other teachers.

    NM - This assignment either hasn't been graded or wasn't submitted. This does not average in as a 0.
    NG - This assignment has been graded. Unfortunately, you didn't submit this assignment. This does factor in as a 0. You can submit the work for grading. However, I will take points for it being late.
     1  - If there are problems with an assignment that you submit before a deadline, I enter a 1 in the gradebook and add a comment in Canvas.  Typically, these issues include students accidentally submitting the template (without answers) or a different assignment. Remember, as we discuss in class, this is your chance to resubmit the work.  If you don't resubmit the work, the 1 becomes a 0. 
     0  - You did not submit this assignment. It is now too late to submit the work.
     X or XPE  - You are exempt from this assignment.