Below are steps to get logged into the Nextera/Questar/MAP assessment app for Chromebook, MacBook, and PC.
    Chromebook Login
    1. Click on "Apps" in lower left corner.
    2. Click on "Questar-MS".
    3. Follow login directions in proctor handbook. (Questar version should be 2.2.95)
    PC Login
    1. Login as normal (Lab name, Student, etc.)
    2. Click the Windows start icon in lower left. start
    3. Click "All Programs."
    4. Scroll down to the Questar folder.
    5. Open and click Questar App.
    6. Follow login directions in proctor handbook.

    MacBook Questar App Installation

    1. Look for the Self Service icon in the bottom right of the Dock on your computer.
    2. IF you don't have Self Service or can't get it to work, please see a technician/librarian for help.
    3. Click the icon to open.
    4. In the search bar in Self Service, type Questar and press enter. Click the gray "install" button next to Questar 17-18.  
    5. Click the "blue install" button in the popup window.
    6. Click the dropdown arrow in the upper right to see if installation "succeeded."
    7. If installation succeeded, you can look in LaunchPad for Questar app.
    8. If the app is installed, proceed to MacBook Login section below.
    Macbook Login
    1. Restart your laptop or logout.
    2. At the login screen, click the Questar user icon. If you don't see the Questar icon, click other and type Questar Assessment User.
    3. There is no password. Click the arrow to login. 
    4. The Questar app should open. Wait for directions from your proctor.