Links to guided tutorials for proctors/teachers/students for NWEA MAP tests.
    Testing Status Updates
    Click here to check status updates from NWEA regarding MAP testing. (ie., Testing issues, slowness, etc.)
    Steps for testings

    Open a browser and navigate to teach.mapnwea.org.
    Enter you username (district email) & password (should have been sent to you in an email).
    Once logged in, click Manage Test Sessions.
    Potential issue:

    Next, choose from the following options...


    Option 1: Find Students to Test

    With this option, you use search for students by school, grade, class, or other criteria. You can optionally test now, or save the list of students for testing later.


    Option 2: Test Your Class

    Use this option if you are testing your own class of students.


    Option 3: Use a Saved Testing Session

    With this option, you find a session that was already created ahead of time so you can quickly start testing.