• Below are some videos (may take a minute to load) and text instructions to assist with assessing using district benchmark assessments through MasteryConnect.
    Setup Your Trackers (Classes/Sections):
    1. Click on your trackers tab.
    2. Click the "add tracker" button.
    3. Choose your subject.
    4. IF you are science or US history, you will need to choose MS: State Frameworks (2010 or 11) under the core dropdown. IF you are Language or Math, choose MS: UNPACKED College and Career Readiness Standards for ELA (2016) or 
      MS: UNPACKED College and Career Readiness Standards for Math (2016), respectively. 
    5. Select your class (grade level or subject area).
    6. Type a description of your class/section.
    7. Leave add students as "Import from SIS."
    8. In the Import from SIS dropdown, choose your section/class. You should see an 01, 02, etc. in part of the name to indicate the section/class.
    9. Click "Create Tracker."
    Find Your Test ID:
    Click here to view video.
    1. Click on tracker tab.
    2. Click on your section.
    3. When you see columns of standards, scroll to far right until you see gray column.
    4. Hover over title and you see “assess” in the dropdown menu.
    5. Click assess.
    6. You may have to close the first popup window for a plugin install.
    7. In the new window, click assess at the top of one of the columns.
    8. Your Test ID will display. (Test ID will be unique for each class/section)
    9. You may want to change the default expiration for your tracker to "1 Month From Now" if you anticipate your students needing multiple sessions to finish their test. DO NOT REGENERATE if you have students who are midway through a test.
    Test Students:
    Click here to view video.
    1. Have students open a browser (Avoid using Internet Explorer) and login to https://student.masteryconnect.com
    2. They will need to enter the Test ID (Test ID will be unique for each class/section) and click next.
    3. They will need to enter their MSIS number WITH LEADING ZEROs and click next.
    4. REMIND THEM NOT to click SUBMIT until they are done with the test.
    5. The submit button appears on every question and is tempting. DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT until they are done with all questions.
    6. Students should not click BACK button during the test.
    7. You may PAUSE an assessment by having the student click pause in upper right of test screen. They can login and test at a later date (within 7 days), but completing assessment in setting is recommended.

    If a student submits early, you will need to send an email to support@masteryconnect.com with your test id and relevant student ids and a message indicating test needs to be resumed/student submitted early. 

    Test Students on Chromebook
    1. Students will power on the Chromebook.
    2. In the lower left corner PRIOR to login, the student will click Apps.
    3. The student will click MC Student link to open Mastery Connect App.
    4. The student will enter the appropriate Test ID.
    5. The student may then need to enter their MSIS number.
    Test Students through Canvas (FOR MACBOOKS ONLY):

    Click on link for details.
    Missing Items Solutions
    chrome logo   Incognito Mode on ChromeBook:
    1. Open a Chrome window
    2. In the top right, click the Menu Chrome menu.
    3. Select New Incognito Window.
    4. A new window will open with a gray figure in the top-right corner .
    5. To close incognito mode, go to the corner of each of your incognito windows and click the X.


    firefox logo   Clear the Cache in Firefox:
    1. Click the menu button and choose Preferences.

    2. Select the Advanced panel.
    3. Click on the Network tab.
    4. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.
    5. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.

    For additional help resources, visit the MasteryConnect Help Center.