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    Posted by Amy Peters on 1/9/2019

    Below is a list of activities you can complete any day toward your service hours for people outside of your family. Remember you should not get paid or receive any kind of reward for these services you provide.  Community service is about helping others without expecting anything in return except the wonderful feeling of knowing you've helped someone in need. :) 


    *Assisting with education programs: spending some time helping a younger friend that needs help with a school subject (not a sibling or friend in your grade)

    *Outdoor Maintenance: clearing trails, raking leaves/algae, mowing, pulling weeds, etc. for a neighbor (not at your own home)

    *Helping an elderly neighbor: shovel sidewalk, housework, etc. (not a relative)

    *Helping with special events: set up/clean up, assisting activity stations, etc.  

    *Walking dogs for a neighbor

    *Teach computer skills to the elderly

    *If you love to cook or bake, you can invite your friends to particapte and hold a bake sale for your favorite charity.

    *Volunteer to give music lessons to people in your community.

    *Participate in a clean up of a beach, riverbed or local park.

    *Sign up to help special needs kids or adults in Top Soccer at Freedom Ridge Park.  You'll need to contact them and they may ask you to:

         -protect visually impaired players from running into goals

         -assigned to a specific player for the entire session/season

         -assigned to a field to help keep the game going

         -push a player in a wheelchair (usually our bigger buddies)

    *Volunteer at  homeless shelter.  There are multiple options such as service food to people in need.

    *Volunteer at your local library.


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