• November 16, 2018

    The word of the day is penitent, which means (adj) feeling or expressing pain (sorrow) for sin (misdeeds) and disposed to atonement. Here’s a sentence: The author portrays him, these many years later, as a penitent figure who might just have some heroism inside.



    General Announcements:


    • Have a splendid Thanksgiving!


    College and Scholarship Opportunities:


    • The college of nursing at the "W"-- MS University for Women--will be hosting two Navigating Nursing Days for High school juniors and seniors who are interest in learning more about a career in nursing on November 15 and February 28. More Info in student services


    • Deadline for Early Entry into the University of Mississippi Pharmacy Program is January 5, 2019. For more information contact lindsey@olemiss.edu


    For information regarding scholarships click here




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