Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Penny Tumminello


I'm really excited to be serving as the 4th grade counselor this year. I will be working with all ten homerooms. I really enjoyed getting to know and work with some of the 3rd graders last year. I plan to build on all the great skills and activities that were introduced and taught. I can't wait to see the maturity and growth that occurred over the summer! 

I am also assigned to 5 sections of 3rd grade.  Meggan Henderson, the other school counselor is assigned to the remaining  sections of 3rd grade and all of 5th grade

Penny Tumminello, School Counselor, is assigned to the following homerooms:

4th Grade: (I serve 10 homerooms- 5 Teams)

Ms. Bibbs Room 203  and Ms. Wilbourne Room  204

Ms. Burnett Room 216 and Ms. Fulton Room 215

Ms. Killebrew Rom 214 and Ms. Harris Room 213

Ms. Lewis Room 218  and Ms. Moes Room 217

Ms. Powell Room 202 and Ms. Ross Room 201

3rd Grade (I serve 5 homerooms)

Ms. Fleming Room 314 and Ms. Young Room 313

Ms. Moncrief Room 303 and Ms. Thomas (Formerly Ms. Vance) Room 304

Ms. Wiley Room 315

Please call or email me if you have questions or concerns regarding your child.

601-853-8103 Ext. 3811

601-853-8109 Fax