• Mannsdale Upper Elementary Physical Education Program

    MUES Growing Better Citizens Project is a comprehensive Physical Education (PE) program designed to get students moving with non-traditional activities, games and team building events. Our focus is to create life experience opportunities for every student integrating collaborating with peers, cross-curriculum with other teachers based on subjects and respect to others and environment.

    Every student at Mannsdale Upper Elementary, that is ~650 students that attend Coach Ro once a week. During each class, the goal is to create an experience. This experience is tied to collaborating with their fellow students, learning a new skill or activity/game and taking away a life skill which will help them become a better person, citizen and future leader. Learn about our PE Class as Coach Ro documents his class on his weekly PE blog at https://www.madison-schools.com/Page/36257

    Also, we are excited to announce that our school gardens will include the Texas A&M and Mississippi State University Extension Office, Junior Master Gardener Program Curriculum. All students will have an opportunity to learn about nutrition, health and how to take care of our garden within each state it’s in. Student only go to the garden once a week during our 4-week rotation blocks on Thursdays. If you have a student in our school, please ask him/her if they have been in the Mannsdale Upper Elementary Junior Master Gardener Program! Learn about our PE Class as Coach Ro documents the MUES Junior Master Gardener class on his weekly PE blog at https://www.madison-schools.com/Page/36249

    Stay up to date on our programs and events, see MUES PE class calendar.