• Based on the Music Survey given last week, the following students at Mannsdale Upper Elementary have qualified for the GMS Band.

    Letters will be sent home for each qualifying student that explain the next steps in selecting an instrument for next year.

    Please take a look at the different instrument choices HERE to get an idea of what you might want to play in the Beginner Band. 

    Akin, A Kamboj, S
    Applegate, E Kaur, J
    Awabdy, A King, L
    Bailey, L Knoll, K
    Banipal, J Lamb, O
    Bass, E Lau, C
    Benton, B Lavigne, J
    Bergeron, B Lee, S
    Bonner, L Lin, C
    Boshart, P Lindsey, T
    Branson, L Little, K
    Brewer, B Little, S
    Brister, A Manasco, N
    Brister, W Martin, P
    Brock, S Mason, A
    Brogdon, B Mather, N
    Brown, A Mathis, D
    Brown, J Matthews, N
    Burrell, R Mayeaux, B
    Cado, A Mccarra, H
    Clark, L McGehee, P
    Cockrell, C McNeil, B
    Cooley, T Meyer, J
    Copeland, A Mize, H
    Corley, H Morgan, C
    Corriea, D Neal, N
    Daniel, M Patridge, P
    Davis, A Pendergrass, S
    Davis, K Petro, C
    Day, M Phipps, J
    Day, S Pickett, A
    Derrick, O Pitts, O
    Drake, C Poole, K
    Eakes, W Power, L
    Eng, K Ratliff, R
    Estes, L Ray, P
    Estridge, M Roberton, M
    Fairly, J Rolph, S
    Fisher, E Sanders, C
    Flowerday, M Sanford, P
    Foley, A Schuller, M
    Funches, S Sethi, A
    Furr, P Smith, A
    Gardner, J Smith, A
    Giraldo, B Smith, C
    Gonzalez, J Stenmark, A
    Goss, J Stevens, L
    Griffin, K Stoker, W
    Grogan, J Sukhbaatar, T
    Guilfoyle, E Sykes, K
    Hager, R Taylor, A
    Hancock, P Taylor, R
    Hardy, B Terrell, S
    Harper, A Thomas, L
    Harris, K Thomas, S
    Hartlein, H Thompson, M
    Henley, T Tolstad, A
    Herrington, L Tucker, G
    Hill, R Turner, O
    Hodges, B Vadlani, S
    Hodges, W Valdez, E
    Holland, I Vargas, E
    Hooper, H Wade, C
    Hutton, E Ward, W
    Ibrahim, A Watkins, E
    Jenkins, L Welch, N
    Johnson, J Wertz, W
    Johnson, M Whitfield, G
    Joiner, W Williams, A
    Jones, L Williams, T
    Jones, L Wilson, H
    Joy, A Wiltcher, S
      Winters, A

    ***Results will be posted later in the week for those students who were absent on the first day of testing.***


    Students who did not qualify may retake the Selmer Music Survey on Monday, March 4th at 4:00pm at the GMS Band Hall.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jpeacock@madison-schools.com

    Looking forward to meeting you!


    Jim Peacock